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Accuracy - Speed - Focus Accuracy - Speed - Focus

Firearms Training


 We offer a wide variety of high quality firearms training opportunities. Click HERE to find a class in your area. 



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Training Team


Our team of instructors are highly qualified and passionate about firearms training, MEET us. 


 Excellent class! Great instruction, solid tips, easy to ask questions and a friendly atmosphere!

I’ve actually taken several classes now and have increased my knowledge, learned how to handle MY gun and additional safety tips! 

Thanks Tommy Sapp and Ron Gassaway for helping me be gain the confidence and skills to be the best CW carrier I can be! 

Debora Bland

Great class today at Melrose, I walked out definitely having a better understanding of the law when it comes to concealed weapon carry. I would definitely recommend focused fire for anyone who wants the in’s and outs of gun safety and your local gun laws. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and to the T when it comes to safety.


Arshad Mahmud

Took the basic course to obtain my concealed carry permit. Great class, went by quickly, and was very informative. You can tell that the instructor is well qualified to teach the course and encouraged questions. It was also the most inexpensive one I could find around here. Thank you!

Kaitlin Leonard

Great instructors and awesome classes! Once again... Focused Fire Training did not disappoint! Just finished Tac Pistol... Had a blast and added knowledge and more tools to the tool box, and showed me deficiencies that I need to work on! Thanks again Tommy & Ron! Will definitely see you soon in the future!

Drew Jackson

10/10 great knowledge of all subjects. Covered everything i hopes would be covered in a basic training class. Made me aware of things i should know about CC. The humor was top notch as well. Look forward to possibly doing another class.

Brandon Clift

Very informative, through, no question went unanswered, professional instructors, class was fun, same day certificate and encourage to continue gun training for proficiency at a reasonable price. I highly recommend for the firearm beginners to gun enthusiasts.

Lee Panhead

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Focused Fire Training

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