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Frequently Asked Question

We're here to help! Here are some frequently asked questions:

"Where are my tickets? I paid for my spot in the class and I haven't received anything." 

Once you have paid for your spot in the class, your name is added to the class roster. If you paid for more than one spot, your name plus the amount of spots you paid for is added to the roster. You do not actually receive anything prior to the class. You just show up and sign in at the door

"What should I bring to the class?" 

Nothing at all! We provide the handouts, gun, ammo, and safety gear. All you have to do is show up once you have signed in. 

"Can I pay at the door?" 

You have to pre-pay for your spots in the class because we always fill up. Payments can be made on the website by finding your event. You do not have to have PayPal to make a payment. Once you click "PayPal checkout", there will be an option to pay with a credit or debit card. 

"Is this the only class that I will need to apply for my concealed carry permit in Florida?" 

Yes! This class is taught by active law enforcement instructors and NRA instructors. We handle the classroom and the live-fire proficiency requirement needed to apply for the permit. 

"What are the costs after the class?" 

The application fee for a new permit in the State of Florida is $98.00. The Department of Agriculture issues the permits. We cover the application in process in detail. The certificate that you receive from our class will not expire, so you do not have to apply immediately. You do not receive your permit at the class, the Department of Agriculture issues them. 

"Why is your class such a low price, is this real?" 

Yes it is real. Check out all of the positive reviews on our Facebook page. We believe in what we are doing. We don't feel like being able to protect yourself and your family should be expensive and unaffordable.

"Am I eligible for the permit?" 

The Florida Department has listed all of the eligibility requirements here:

I hope that I was able to answer most of your questions. If not, please email us at

Thank you, 

Tommy Sapp