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Justifiable Use of Force Training Seminar

About the Event

When: Saturday November 23rd 2019 from 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. 

Presented by U.S. Law Shield and Focused Fire Training. 

This training event is for anyone who carries a firearm for self-defense purposes and is a great follow up to the Concealed Carry Class. During this 3 hour event there will be multiple topics covered by one of the top attorneys in Florida. There will also be a presentation by an active law enforcement officer with experience pertaining to the legal aspects of using deadly force in self-defense. 

Topics will include: 

-What is deadly force and when can I use it to protect myself 

-What makes a shooting justified 

-Civil and criminal law surrounding using deadly force

-What should I expect after a shooting

And much more! 

Knowledge is power! The goal of the event is to give you as much knowledge as possible to help you to be safer and more confident. 

Seating is limited. Course cost is only $10.00! 

Event Location

Holiday Inn Conference Room

8298 N. Wickham Road

Melbourne, FL 32940